European Literature Days 2024

First Preview

Save the Date: 7 to 10 November 2024

The urban and rural divide is often cited as a conflict of our time. This conflict is associated with images of dynamic, tolerant city-dwelling cosmopolitans and mostly elderly residents left behind in rural areas. The vibrant centre and decaying periphery? Is the current political trend in many countries largely due to this yawning divide? Do we live in a kind of divided world? The European Literature Days 2024 introduce international authors whose narratives focus on urban and country life – on metropolitan areas and secluded backwaters, smart cities and village communities, local residents and migrants, headstrong locals and travellers between urban and rural areas. Their stories about different life plans and types of communities form the basis for dialogues about the modern urban-rural divide. At the same time, they enable and initiate questions about how the innovative as well as conflictual current developments will change life in future.

Save the Date

The European Literature Days will take place from 7 to 10 November 2024. Please save the date. More information will be available in autumn.

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