Yania Suárez Calleyro



Yania Suárez Calleyro, born 1975, ist a Cuban writer. Graduated in philology from Havana’s University and Master of Arts from Western-Ontario University, she has worked as literature’s professor and collaborated with several magazines and newspapers.  As result of her fictional work, she has published a national awarded book “Usted tiene derecho a hacer silencio”, and many short histories and essays in nationals and internationals magazines. By many years Yania Suárez also has studied the work of Jorge Luis Borges, in general, and in relation with Paul Valéry.  After struggling with the censorship in her country - which included the publication of a book and her job as University professor spoiled - she started her career as journalist in independent newspapers from the Cuban exile and from the inxile, like Diario de Cuba and 14ymedio. With them she collaborates until the present day. She lives in Havana.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2016.

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