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Themes of Our Time

Brutiful. Writing Poetry with Dogs

November 17th - 19th
Fringe programme to events in the Klangraum KremsMinoritenkirche.

The poet and philosopher Mara-Daria Cojocaru worked with an international team to develop multispecies poetry, where animal agency was translated into poetic co-authorship. The focus is on developing the creative aspect of poetry as well as a critique of the power imbalance between humans and animals. Mara-Daria Cojocaru writes: “On the one hand, they [the team] will copy specific forms and patterns that characterize the participating dogs and use these to produce visual poetry on historical texts on domestication, dog training, breeds and husbandry via erasures and superimpositions. On the other hand, they will work to catch what seems so similar for poetry and scent – the importance of high concentration, the evocation of meaning and memory – in poems that will have olfactory elements.”

The results were first presented in February 2023 in London and will now be on display during the European Literature Days 2023.


European Writers Go to School

eljub Youth Encounters partner with the European Literature Days and the Youth Section of Lower Austria to develop new forms of communicating literature for young people who work with literature to learn about Europe’s common values and discuss the urgent issues of their generation. In workshops and readings, young people from Lower Austria meet guest writers of the European Literature Days. 

The European Parliament awarded eljub the European Citizen’s Prize in 2021. 

Thursday 16 November 2023
Jugend Kulturraum Krems 
DSA Krammer Doris
Jugend Kulturraum Krems
St. - Paulg. - Gasse 10
3500 Krems a. d. Donau

13:00 In the Writers’ Workshop [Workshop]

Literary workshop with Victoria Strobl and Irene Zanol: Literature for Our Ears
Literary workshop with Veronika Trubel: Experiences with AI from eljub E-Book Week 

Free admission, booking essential, limited places available

Thursday 16 November 2023
HLW Haag, NMS Krems, NMS Melk, Stiftsgymnasium Melk, Mary Ward Schule - Privatgymnasium and Oberstufenrealgymnasium St. Pölten 

09:00 European Writers Go to School   [Workshop]
Michal Hvorecky (Bratislava), Kinga Tóth (Berlin), Roberta Dapunt (Val Badia, Italy), Sophia Kimmig (Berlin), Christina Walker (Augsburg)

Closed events exclusively for schools

 In cooperation with eljub European Youth Encounters and the Landesjugendreferat/Youth Section of Lower Austria