About the European Literatur Days

An introduction to the festival

© Sascha Osaka

An introduction to the festival

Since 2009 the European Literature Days, under the artistic direction of author and curator Walter Grond, have brought together international writers and literature enthusiasts to discuss current topics and books and to stimulate debate. Since 2019 the festival takes place in in Krems on the Danube. Once a year, the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche becomes an inspiring meeting place for contemporary European literature. A dense four-day programme offers various discussion formats and readings as well as soirees and matinees, in which current literature is placed in a sensual field of tension with music (curated by Festival Glatt&Verkehrt) or also with visual art.

At the end of each year's festival, the Honorary Prize of the Austrian Book Trade for Tolerance in Thought and Action is awarded. Various school outreach programmes complement the programme, also in cooperation with eljub - European Youth Encounters.

In 2023, the European Literature Days were dedicated to the central theme of "Animals and Other People". The picture gallery, the Elit YouTube channel or the overview of the authors provide an impression of the past festival.

Philippe Sands © Sascha Osaka/Europäische Literaturtage
Europäische Literaturtage ONLINE 19.-22.11.2020, Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
22.11. Verleihung des Eherenpreises des Österreichischen Buchhandesl für Toleranz in Denken und Handeln an A.L.Kennedy
© Sascha Osaka /ELit
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